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There are, it cannot be denied, some guitarists whose talent is so clear and so pure that simply listening to what they create makes you want to applaud. Some riffs are so amazing that they make you want to sing, or dance, or jump about the room like a moron, and some songs which would be nothing, absolutely nothing, without that guitar-led intro that announces them like, once upon a time, the sound of trumpets used to herald a king into his court. These are the moments that make you want to take up playing the guitar. And the frustrating thing is that you’ll most likely sound nothing like that at the start.

We all want to sound like our musical heroes. It is what inspires us to take up an instrument, but the difficulty is that when they produced those sounds, they had been practising for years and had a considerably larger budget to spend on guitars and equipment. Many of the noises they manage to get out of their guitars come through effects pedals and other pieces of trickery that are beyond the budget of the average beginner. Therefore you’re not going to sound like that to start with – but getting the basics in place is an excellent ambition.

Remember when you first try to play something that sounds like your hero’s efforts that when they first started, they probably weren’t great either. Certainly there are some prodigies who pick up an instrument and are practically virtuoso immediately – but they are in the minority even among the big stars.

August 25, 2014 / admin